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The 40th Congress of INTA, symbolizing the 40th anniversary of the Association, will be held from 28 to 30 November, 2016.

It will follow on from two UN conferences : HABITAT III in QUITO on habitat and human settlements and the COP22 in MARRAKECH on climate change.

It is an opportunity to discuss and learn from the reflections of those two main international meetings, during which INTA took part.

The theme of our 40th Congress : Living, Building, Financing the City appears as an obvious choice, while we are in a period during which cities and territories are confronted to a crisis situation and change. This theme is in tune with the major issues that cities and territories will face the next twenty years: population growth, economic changes, mobility and migration, climate change effects... Many challenges that question our societal choices about urban and territorial development.

According to INTA, those transformations require to break away from traditional social, cultural, economic and development models. They also call for policies, carried by public policy, private actor initiative and citizen involvement, who contribute to a more equal redistribution of urban growth, universal access to services and social cultural and economic and technological innovations.

I, for certain, consider that the FUTURE OF CITIES IS THE ONE OF MEN AND WOMEN living there.

We invite you, by attending our 40th Congress and joining INTA, not only to share and discuss, but also to lead actions for the CITY TOMORROW.

The work and the independence of INTA depends above all on the support of our members.

Maurice Charrier
INTA President
Honorary Vice President of Greater Lyon, France

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